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We offer our services on turnkey basis and take entire responsibility of soft landscaping and also hard scape gardening services and we execute theservices work up to the fullest satisfaction.

Landscape Designing

We undertake planning and designing for landscape garden with in the available spaces, We transform an ordinary plot of land to beautiful landscape garden, our innovative use of natural slopes & texture brings in a total contrast to the surrounding area, our landscape designs will translate your dreams into a natural setting that will grow in beauty with each passing seasons.

Execution / Development of Gardens

As per the Design or availability site  we will develop the beautiful garden   with all men and materials like best quality of red earth, manure, plants  grass Korean carpet / Fescue / Phasophylum / saintaugustin / variegated and also with  pest control services, we develop the gardens within the given time & up to the fullest satisfaction of customer

Annual Maintenance Contract

We undertake the Regular maintenance of garden with all men and materials, tools etc, on yearly contract basis with horticulture consultancy services, Maintenance consists of Daily watering, cleaning, trimming, manuring, fertilizer applying and pesticide treatment to the plants, Regular maintenance can optimize the diversity habitat & aesthetic potential of your garden.

Growers and suppliers of all kinds of Plants and grass

We have the widest range of Plants, which include Annuals & Biennials, Perennials, Flowering shrubs, Ornamental Shrubs, Flowering & ornamental Trees, & creepers and ground coverings. We have 2 Lac sq. ft of best quality of Korean Carpet grass & other varieties of grass readily available at our Shamshabad farm.

Hard Landscaping

We undertake development of Rock gardens, Water falls with different models, walkways, Flooring, Cobble stone work, Rudraram stone flooring, Gazeboes, Lotus pond,  Fountains, Kerbing, and Planter boxes, C R S Masonry works,   garden electrical works  and also Drips, Sprinkler systems etc. 

Irrigation Systems (Drip & Sprinklers):

Proper water for the plants is a key element in your landscape garden. we have a strong commitment to balance the irrigation needs of your property with the need to conserve it and protect the most precious landscape garden with low maintenance costs. We provide irrigation design, installation, and maintenance using only the highest quality parts and knowledgeable service technicians.

Pest control for plants:

We care for the plants up to the maximum extent we can with the best and fast relieving pesticides and chemicals which does not let your garden feel unhealthy. We suggest the best, latest and proper chemicals and pesticides for all kind of pests.


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